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  • How to book a psychic reading?
    Our most popular service to search for and book via our website is those searching for a tarot reading/psychic reading. Click the menu icon labelled "Services > Psychic Services" Select the service you would like to book (Please read the full description before booking, if you require support, email us) Click "Book Now" (Select date & time of choice) Complete your personal details Enter coupon if applicable and redeem before checkout *It is the responsibility of the client to read and understand our witchy T&Cs prior to booking
  • How to shop online with us!
    Our online shop has an extensive range of witchcraft supplies including spells; candles; herbs; magick oils; bathroom spells like bath bombs & bath salts; hoodoo crafts and soo much more! Please take a look around all areas of our website prior to confirming your order. All of our items that are made by Spellbound Gloucester Witches are crafted with the most pure intent for their use. If you require any further guidance than displayed product description listed, please email contact us, we will be more than happy to help. This will provide a greater confidence in what we do and what we make prior to purchasing. Shop by categories and or related items, you can search our online shop with a easy to use search function. If you do not find what you are looking for or we are out of stock please get in touch so we can help you. In order to redeem vouchers/coupons/discount codes etc these must be entered whilst viewing your basket /cart page, this is done before progressing to checkout.
  • How to connect to the Wix app
    Have you recently purchased a subscription / witch school / witch school e-Course from us? We have exclusive groups available for you via our ‘Spaces by Wix’ app! Spellbound Shop is our retail element of eclectic witchy supplies and more, online & instore. Raven hosts our services; subscriptions witch school. Known to most as Raven School of Witchcraft. Raven is hosted in partnership with Spellbound. We like to stay connected, along with building communities with like minded individuals. This is why we think the Wix app is a fab way for us and you to share your knowledge. If you subscribe to one of our groups…you will also have exclusive access to the ‘witchy tube’ videos via the website, our very own ‘YouTube’. Spaces by Wix – Accessed via the app Share information; ask questions to Toni or others; start open discussions, upload your witchy pics or maybe show us how you are progressing with your journey… “the homework tasks” Witchy Tube – Accessed via the website Login to the website and watch the videos from Toni…you can then share your feedback etc via the wix app with Toni & others too. FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO GET CONNECTED (See page 2 for screen shots) 1) Download ‘Spaces by Wix’ app via your smart device app store 2) Open the app on your device 3) Click ‘Got an invite code’ 4) Enter the code ‘RRTBVV’ and click ‘join’ 5) Click join 6) Await approval by site admin to confirm your course/subscription 7) Click ‘Members App’ on Raven 8) Click ‘Online Groups’ 9) Click ‘Request to Join’ on the group you have purchased 10) You can now begin…be sure to take a look at the ‘About’ section of your group If you have any questions or technical difficulty, please contact us either via the shop during our opening times on 07594 300 432 or email (see attached image for screen shot assistance)
  • How to complete checkout?
    Once you have checked your order and entered any discount codes etc you shall now be able to confirm you shipping country including local postcode update. Please ensure you enter the first part of your postcode in the link where country is listed below "subtotal". This will enable those local to Spellbound Shop to receive our Witchy Prime Delivery service. (see other FAQ heading to see more about our same day delivery) Enter your shipping address Select delivery method OPTIONS AVAILABLE -Witchy Prime Delivery (Same day locally T&Cs apply) -Click & Collect -Postal Delivery UK -International Delivery Enter Payment Method (Our payment methods available are secure with SSL/Stripe) Billing Address check all details entered are correct Review & Confirm Order check our T&Cs prior to confirming your order if you would like to be apart of our subscription news letters, updates and latest offers tick the box
  • What payment methods do we accept?
    We accept all major UK Debit and Credit cards as payment, including Visa and Mastercard. We also accept payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay + American Express We do not accept cheque or reservations of any item or services without payments confirmed.
  • Personal Data Compliance
    We are compliant with "" in who are the independant goverment body who In our data-driven world, are more important than ever to know who is using your personal data, and why. It’s your right to be informed about how organisations are using your data, even if it happens behind the scenes. This includes understanding how people use your data to target you with social media adverts. If you would like find out more please visit their website If you have any questions about your data and how we use this at Spellbound Gloucester Ltd please feel free to email us at
  • Where can I park in Gloucester?
    We are now longer based in Gloucester city centre. See our contact us page for our new location. Note, our store is now available online only for the witchy supplies. Our services continue, by appointment only.
  • How old do you need to be to join witch school?
    Our witch school is presented to you by Toni Hunt who is qualified to teach in adult education. Our policy states you must be over 18 years old to learn with us in person at our witch school classes. However online classes are permitted for those younger providing a parent is supporting your study.
  • How old do I need to be for a Psychic Reading?
    We have a policy of those aged 16-18 years old must be accompanied by a parent / guardian for the appointment. We must receive an email to from parent / guardian prior to booking for approval.
  • When are we open?
    Our Spellbound Gloucester store is now CLOSED. However our online store is available 24 hours a day. We have moved to The Royal Forest of Dean! OUR SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY You can book an appointment between Wednesday - Saturday 10am until 4pm IN STORE SHOPPING NOT AVAILABLE Online store available 24hrs
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