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 Welcome to Ravel School of Witchcraft

How would you like to learn with us ?


You can attend our witch school classes and learn with us at Raven School of Witchcraft

or alternatively sign up for our an e-Course, study at your own pace & in your own time.

Introducing Weekend Witchy Workshops


We have been established for over 15 years...however the director who writes and delivers your witch school courses has over 40 years of experience!
Toni Hunt is a qualified teacher in adult education & has a wealth of knowledge to help develop all of those who wish to learn.

Spellbound Gloucester is our retail store with our services including witch schools; all services; subscriptions & officially partnered with 
Raven School of Witchcraft.

You now have the option to learn with us in person at one of our witch school classes or online with our NEW e-Courses, giving you flexible time to learn with us.

The time has come to bring the classes to you at home,  which makes learning witchcraft more accessible and personal!
With exclusive private groups for each witch school course, where you can discuss each of the lessons; share information and be amongst like minded people. We pride our selves in providing excellent support to all of our students who learn with us and the results have been truly magickal, some say "life changing!" 

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