Witch School 4 - Online


Introducing a Brand New e-course.

Designed to bring witch craft into the comfort of your own home.


This fun course is about building a magickal mind.


Witch School 4 - Online 

8 sessions (2 hour per class)

Audio Meditations

Q&As with Toni Hunt

1-1 Guidance

Practical witch craft practices

Independant research and discovery

Progressive individual programs available


Start today and access Spellbound School Online

Only £99.00



-Wheel of the Year

-Cardinal Points

-Esbats and Sabbats

-Moon Phases

-The Art of Correspondance

-Stories of the Wheel 

-Witches Gods and Godesses 


No previous experience is necessary


Please email with your questions to;



Including; Course Name - Week # - Question 


This course is extremely empowering and lots of fun.



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