Spellcasters Course - Online

Spellcasters Course - Online


Introducing a Brand New e-course.

Designed to bring witch craft into the comfort of your own home.


6 online sessions with a private group to discuss all of your spells.

This fun course is about building a magickal mind.


Spellcasters Course - Online 

6 sessions (2 hour per class)

Q&As with Toni Hunt

1-1 Guidance

Practical witch craft practices

Independant research and discovery

Progressive individual programs available


Start today and access Spellbound School Online



-Practical Magick and Spells

-Hoodoo Powders and Foot Magick

-Mirror Magick

-Harb Magick

-Candles, Wax & Poppets

-Protection Defence Magick & Counter Attack


With completion of the course you'll receive an attendance accreditation from Spellbound School.


Please email with your questions to;



Including; Course Name - Week # - Question 


This course is extremely empowering and lots of fun.

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