Heal My Heart 💜

Heal My Heart 💜


Ritual candle used for restoring emotional damage caused to us, please consult the witches for best results before use


Made with healing crystals, essentials and herbs! 


Presented in a beautiful heart shaped jar, which can be recycled


Magick Spell Candles Restore a broken heart after a break up Acceptance, healing, forgiveness


Simply write upon parchment paper what you desire to be a success, place this under the candle before lighting and visualize this manifesting with a light meditation. 


If you would like to magnify this spell candle you could use Help Me Heal oil and anoint the candle prior to starting this powerful spell. 


*Our spell candles are made by the witches of Spellbound Shop who are practicing witches with the most magickal intent in all spells created


(Sold Individually)


*Please see our witchy T&Cs for full details of our spells


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