Updated: May 22

I am an eclectic witch. We are considered the loose cannons in witchcraft because we are not governed by any rules.

witchcraft is a lifetime journey of study and practice. There is always something to learn.

I consider my witchcraft multi-cultural. i encompass other cultures. Diversity is the spice of witchcraft. A good witch has imagination and creativity it helps. It is an empowering belief. We are our own priests and channel energy, which of course we shape with our intent.

A witch is something you are. We never fit elsewhere because we function differently. Once that’s acknowledged we then bless everyone with our difference. We are very misunderstood.

I see our path as the light bringers. Comfort, healing, divination, magick. I offer my skills to those that requests them and need them. It’s a good life.

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