A day in the life of a witch

I’ve realised finally that my life may not seem normal to some. My day starts with protection spells and spell craft cleansing. A shower to you but a ritual to a witch of using salts and herbs and oils that protect my sensitive Psychic self. Everything is energy and there is only good or bad energy. You will go to a place of work and on your travels sometimes have a sense of unease or feel the mood of a work colleague and although it’s toxic, carry on. A witch protects against the energies of other folk because we know how damaging that can be. Most of us are empaths. We sense the vibe and have to guard against anything negative. My day starts with that warding and guarding. I am fortunate that I am able to make magick in my day. Good feel factor spells. I read tarot cards too. Psychics are hugely sensitive to what is going on around. I didn’t choose to be psychic. In actual fact I am quite deaf so I believe my senses were heightened by the loss of my hearing. Although, psychics run in my family. I can look at a person and see random pictures of their life in the past, present and future. Some of the pictures make no sense to me but of course they make sense in the puzzle 🧩 of their life. I smudge auras to get rid of astral junk collected in energy in the aura. The shop has to be regularly smudged to keep it pure. Not many will understand how busy and how much I deal with. There are oils and balms and spells made for all feel good factor, love 💓 protection, success, joy. There are sessions for broken heart therapy and cutting the cords to people and situations.

The work witches do and the people we help are aware and it’s power and worth. There of course, are those that will never be on the same planet as us. We have never aimed to fit in. We never will. I am lucky that the area I live has a vast population of witches. We are in all professions and everywhere. I like to think of us as the helpers. Being a witch is the most empowering thing. You have psychic contact with all manner of help There is magick everywhere if you look and see. it is a wonderful life. At home I use my occult knowledge to make a happy home At work a magickal environment that enchants. Love is life as a witch.


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