• Clairvoyant Tarot reading with Toni Hunt (30 minutes).

  • Clairvoyant hand reading with Toni Hunt (30 minutes)

  • Crystal reading with Toni Hunt (30 minutes)

  • Reiki/Crystal Therapy/Healing/Magickal hand massage with Toni Hunt (1hour)

  • Private tuition with Toni Hunt on a topic of witchcraft or tarot.

  • Reflexology/Swedish massage/Deep tissue massage with Sarah Nicole. (1hour)

  • Pagan Reiki/Reiki/Chakra balancing/Healing/Magickal hand massage with Sarah Nicole. (1hour)

  • Magickal counselling using witchcraft – Tell us your problems, we will work through them together and give you magickal solutions...this could involve making an oil/incense/spell to assist you. We will consult 3 tarot cards for guidance during the session.

  • House clearing – To clear your home from negative energies or spirits

  • Special request spells, we have three experienced witches here who can cast a spell for you, create a magickal item, or put together a spell for you to cast yourself. Please note, we will decline spells that are to affect someone’s free will.

  • Special request products… If you don’t see something on our shelves, our witches can make magickal oils, incenses, bath salts, powders, hoodoo items, poppets, candle spells, whatever you wish…. Just ask.

  • Handmade items – Here at spellbound we create original, magickal artistic pieces as well as magickal goods. Our witches are all artists and we create our own jewellery… dolls... ornaments… sculpture…wands…headdresses… painted bones and skulls…runes… give us a call with any requests or Enquiries.

  • Arrange your own evening at spellbound, whether it’s for a séance, a tarot evening, a crystal evening or whatever you have in mind, give us a call to enquire. Minimum of 6.

Ask us for info on prices and availability!

A variety of courses and classes (ask)


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